No PACS, no problem

Finally you have realised the importance of logging all your scans on your US machine. Now you want to save and archive them so that your supervisor can review them with you at your next meeting is a new product to the market

It’s #FOAMed – that’s right it’s FREE!

Using SonoClipShare, you can now archive all your POCUS stills and cine loops securely to the cloud and share them with others. SonoClipShare has been developed by Dr Ben Smith – mastermind behind Originally from an engineering background, Ben has coded this amazing new resource with help from the fantastic Ultrasound Leadership Academy innovation project.

Why is it useful?

POCUS accreditation is vitally important for users. Outside the US, there are relatively few fit-for-purpose accreditation programmes. In Australia, getting your CCPU from ASUM is a fantastic step on your POCUS journey.

SonoClipShare makes uploading, storing, reviewing, sharing and submitting your hard earned clinical images much much easier.

How do I use it?

It is really easy to use SonoClipShare, watch Ben’s video tutorial for full details

  • login using your gmail account
  • upload your scans to a new archive
  • share these scans with your supervisor

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do we think of it?

Luke and I have been playing around with SonoclipShare since its release. We found it extremely intuitive to use. Here are some awesome features that we liked straight away

  • dashboard is simple and uncluttered with user menu accessible on the left side
  • automatic upload and de-identification of images using the Desktop Uploader feature from the menu bar
  • easy to use comment section for each scan – useful for both supervisors and students
  • separate “Share with me” section to view all archives that others have asked you to view
  • supervisors are able to review scans and comment on adequacy of students’ images for logbook and they have a record via the comments which is dated and time stamped
  • archives are downloaded in .zip format – space saving for you
  • integration with gmail contact list for sharing archives (everyone uses gmail, right?!) or upload your contacts via the contacts manager

What we would like to see in future improvements?

  • integration with personal cloud based storage such as dropbox
  • logbook function which can link to or integrate into uploaded scans
  • tags so you can easily search through uploaded scans for specific pathology/type of scans

Final word to Ben

“I am incredibly excited to arm the worldwide POCUS community with SonoClipShare, a tool designed specifically for ultrasound learners and educators. I have already received some great feature suggestions that I plan to implement in the future:

  • image annotations (circles, arrows, etc)
  • interpretation templates
  • pathology tagging system
  • email migration function

Additionally, I’m working on a Pro version of the software that will run on your local hospital network, accepting images directly from your ultrasound machines. This software will also push interpretations to your EMR and trigger billing. Look for this in the next year or so”

Vive POCUS!!


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