We are rolling out accreditation of ultrasound in the ED.  Our accreditation is based on ACEM guidelines and will also enable you to potentially obtain a Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CCPU) through the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM). CCPU are module based and are an excellent way to to gain accreditation in bedside ultrasound and recognition of this skill would be transferrable between hospitals. You can complete one or more modules to gain your CCPU.

We would like all our registrars to try to attend an accredited ultrasound course or workshop and will also be running training sessions throughout the year at registrar teaching.

To get started if you have not completed any accredited ultrasound course we would like you to complete the physics, eFAST, AAA and Vascular access modules through UTEC.  UTEC offers free lectures & short MCQ questions through the Emergency Care Institute (NSW).  To learn how to enrol and complete modules watch the video below.

The sign on key for participants from University Hospital Geelong is GORUS.

Each scanning module will have specific requirements that need to be completed and consultants will be available to supervise and review your scans and complete formative/summative assessments.

Where can I do an accredited emergency medicine ultrasound course?

It is important to consider the following aspects when selecting your course

  • Ensure it is accredited with ACEM & ASUM.  At a bare minimum it should include eFAST, AAA, vascular access and BELs.  The longer the course is the more topics you are likely to cover.
  • Ensure a good lecture to hand’s on scanning time ratio and ensure appropriate number of models per student.
  • Ensure both sonographer instructors and also FACEM instructors.
  • Travel and costs are likely to play a factor in your course selection

The following are some of the courses/training centres available to you:

Ultrasound Training Solutions – Ivanhoe, Victoria.

Australian School of Medical Imaging – Sydney, NSW

Australian Institute of Ultrasound – Gold Coast, QLD

Ultrasound Village – Perth, WA

Alfred Hospital – Melbourne, VIC

How do I obtain a CCPU?

  1. Complete an accredited course (above)
  2. Register with ASUM within 2 years of completing the course.
  3. Complete minimum scan logbook as per each CCPU module guideline and complete the formative/summative assessments. (Logbook review and assessments need to be signed off by suitably qualified supervisors)