ACEM ASM 2017 – ABC’s of Lung Ultrasound

EMUG’S Presents at ACEM ASM 2017DLX6YRiV4AEGm9n Essentials of Focused Lung Ultrasound in the ED: ABC’s of Lung Ultrasound
Dr Luke Phillips

Point of care ultrasound in the ED is an important tool in the diagnosis and management of patients with acute dyspnoea.  It can be performed at the bedside, reduce ionising radiation and be used to implement and monitor treatment within the ED. Lung ultrasound has a higher diagnostic accuracy than physical examination and chest radiography combined and is useful in the diagnosis of pneumothorax, acute interstitial syndromes, consolidation/pneumonia and pleural effusions. This talk will focus on the interpretation of lung ultrasound profiles and offer a way of integrating this into your clinical practice through some case based discussions.

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