Blinded by the Light

75yo Female presents to the ED with sudden onset right visual loss.   Denies flashes/floaters and has no history of stroke/TIAs in the past.  She denies any symptoms of polymyalgia rheumatica or temporal arteritis. Pt has a past history: Cataracts but no surgery.  Wears glasses for reading. Hypertension Type 2 Diabetes Atrial fibrillation - on Xarelto. Non-smoker. … Continue reading Blinded by the Light


Serratus Anterior Plane Block

POCUS can change lives and the outcome for your patients. Consider this case that I managed recently in which I was able to utilise a fantastic regional anaesthetic technique - the Serratus Anterior Plane Block (SAPB) that was taught to me by  Arun Nagdev at the Das SMACC workshops. DISCLAIMER: We consider this a relatively … Continue reading Serratus Anterior Plane Block

Das SMACC POCUS Summary Part II

“This day's an invitation And it's just for you You've got a reservation For the 17th of June Open your eyes and let the sun break in for a while There may be something That you've never seen inside” Alphaville – Summer in Berlin It may not have been the 17th of June – nor … Continue reading Das SMACC POCUS Summary Part II

DAS SMACC POCUS Summary Part 1

What an amazing 4 days we have had at Das SMACC. The Tempodrom was such a fantastic venue for a conference and the program was full of POCUS goodness with world class demonstrators and speakers. Over the coming few weeks we plan to bring you a round-up of all the best bits of the conference. … Continue reading DAS SMACC POCUS Summary Part 1

POCUS in Simulation

A lot of great things have come out of Sweden - Ikea, Abba, Vikings, Stefan Edberg... Awesome Ultrasound Simulator is the brainchild of Per Östergren who incidentally is also from Sweden. Awesome Ultrasound Simulator allows for real-time ultrasound images of normal scans and pathology to be shown as scenario participants scan a particular area of … Continue reading POCUS in Simulation

Pleural effusion – pearls & pitfalls

Thoracic POCUS allows us to evaluate the dyspnoeic patient by checking for the presence of a pleural effusion   In this clip there is a large volume of (anechoic) fluid above the diaphragm the lung edge is seen moving into the field with each respiration can you also see the small amount of free fluid … Continue reading Pleural effusion – pearls & pitfalls

No PACS, no problem

Finally you have realised the importance of logging all your scans on your US machine. Now you want to save and archive them so that your supervisor can review them with you at your next meeting is a new product to the market It’s #FOAMed - that’s right it’s FREE! Using SonoClipShare, you can … Continue reading No PACS, no problem

What are B lines?

Lung US was neglected as a diagnostic modality until it was realised that abnormal lung parenchyma was easily visualised using ultrasound. Point of care thoracic US (POCUS) is extremely useful in the Emergency Department. Can you see the bright torch-like projections beaming from the pleural surface? B lines have distinctive features - hyperechoic vertical ray … Continue reading What are B lines?

Wondering about A lines?

Thoracic US is one of the most useful point of care modalities available in the critical care setting. It is well recognised that bedside US outperforms clinical examination and plain radiography in the evaluation of certain pathologies in the hands of an experienced operator The ultrasound beam is completely reflected by air present in the … Continue reading Wondering about A lines?

POCUS Departmental Survey

A survey recently was conducted about the use of point of care ultrasound and regarding the skill set within the department and future learning.  The following is a breakdown of the respondents. Accreditation: About half the respondents have completed a formal accredited ultrasound course (majority being consultants).   For more information about courses and when … Continue reading POCUS Departmental Survey