In the department we have a Philips Sparq Ultrasound Machine which has a linear, curvilinear & phased array (cardiac) probes.

It is worthwhile reading through the  2 Page Getting Started Guide and the QUICK START GUIDE to familiarise yourself with the features on the SPARQ.


Labelling & Saving Images


  • At  a minimum please enter pt UR and name of person performing scan to help keep track of your scans.
  • Ideally images should be labeled as you go but this may not be feasible depending on the patients condition. We have set up quick labels that are more likely to be used in the ED on the machine.
  •  I suggest that you save 2 second video loops (just press acquire on touchpad) of your scans instead of still images to which helps when reviewing scans for logbooks to make sure you are obtaining what you need.
  • Images can be stored and downloaded to a USB for review at a later date. See here.

Care of the Machine

  • Please wipe gel and obvious contamination from the probe after each use
  • The probes and cords can be cleaned with hospital grade antiseptic detergent wipes.  Do not use alcohol on the plastic housing or the cord as it can breakdown the plastic.
  • If using on a grossly contaminated area please use a probe cover. If blood or bodily fluid gets on probe the probe will need to go for a deep sterilisation.
  • Ensure probes are secured in their holsters after use and the cords are hung so that are not going to get caught in the wheels or under machines.
  • See video below on caring for probe.