Welcome to the Point of Care Ultrasound Education Homepage for the Emergency Department at University Hospital Geelong

POCUS can assist us in making rapid clinical decisions in unwell patients, reduce the potential radiation exposure to patients and allows us to perform a number of procedures more safely within the ED.

This site aims to provide a valuable education resource for the department and its medical staff, in particular trainees, and enable them to become credentialed in a number of POCUS modules during their time at UHG.

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Each module contains the requirements for gaining accreditation in a specific scanning unit. A link to online resources, minimum imaging standards and logbook requirements is also available.

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Blinded by the Light

75yo Female presents to the ED with sudden onset right visual loss.   Denies flashes/floaters and has no history of stroke/TIAs in the past.  She denies any symptoms of polymyalgia rheumatica or temporal arteritis. Pt has a past history: Cataracts but no surgery.  Wears glasses for reading. Hypertension Type 2 Diabetes Atrial fibrillation – on Xarelto. Non-smoker. … Continue reading Blinded by the Light

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